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Frequently asked questions

Arrival Times and Departures

Please try to not arrive too early for your class. Enter through the main door facing the car park, allowing social distancing space if there is someone ahead of you. There will be a separate exit door at the end of the session. Never having been that good at making sure that we pack up to finish at a particular time I will now need to do this to allow space for me to clean down the hall. Please try to keep me on track for us to start this 10 minutes before the finish time of the class! And please leave the area where you have been working clean and tidy.

Teas and Coffees

Please bring your own drinks with you this term. The tea and coffee supply will resume as soon as Covid 19 resctrictions permit!

Covid 19 - stay safe

Please do not attend:

  • if you believe that you may be infected with Covid 19
  • have experienced symptoms in the last 14 days
  • have been in close proximity to anyone who has experienced symptoms in the last 14 days
  • have been instructed to self isolate
Your contact details - name, phone number and email address, will be held by me for 21 days after the last class that you attend should it be necessary to pass details onto the NHS Test & Trace system. If you do not wish me to do this please do not enrol on the Upholstery classes.

Social Distancing, Masks and Hand Washing

The room is spacious and will allow plenty of room to comply with social distancing. During the class please ensure that you keep to current social distancing guidelines. Please wear a mask/face covering during the classes unless you have a medical reason not to do so. Masks will be available, but please try to bring your own wherever possible. Sanitiser will be available. Do remember to wash your hands regularly.

Extra Attendees

If you need to bring another person to the class (child minder shortages etc, etc), please discuss this with me before any given class because contact records will be required for such people. Any children brought to class will be asked to socially distance.


I will bring the usual supplies of upholstery materials with me such as tacks, webbing, hessian, hair, calico and waddings which you can purchase. These will be bagged up beforehand whereever possible to minimise contact. In the interests of the environment please return to me any plastic bags that you don't need and I will sanitise and reuse them. For any materials not pre-packaged please wear a pair of disposible gloves (I will provide them), before cutting or weighing out what you need. Do let me know if you would like a list of the materials that I bring with me. I can readily email it to you.


I bring a plentiful supply of tools and equipment with me to the classes, but at the moment please try to bring as many of your own tools as possible! Do drop me an email should you be thinking of buying any extra upholstery tools and I will be happy to provide guidance. Tools used during class will need to be cleaned and dried before being used again. Do not put them back into the toolbox without cleaning them first! Cleaner/cloths will be provided.


When possible please take your rubbish home with you (bring a bin bag when you are stripping a piece of furniture). The hall can cope with a certain amount of rubbish but it would help them if we take away as much as possible.

Car Parking

There is a huge car park at the hall. Please park where you wish, but personally I would aim for somewhere near to the building. Outside lighting I understand is limited, so do bring a phone with a torch for dark evenings ahead.

There is a height restriction barrier at the entrance to the car park set at 2m. This is on a slope so if you have a long vehicle which happens to be a bit under 2m you could still get it caught on the barrier. Please email me before term starts if you have a tall vehicle – arrangements can be made with the hall to give you access to the car park.

Your Project

If you are new to the classes please ensure that you discuss your chosen project with me before term starts. This is to ensure that it is a suitable one for you and any necessary preparations can be made beforehand so that you do not waste time at the first class.

The length of time that it will take to complete will depend on its complexity. Upholstery can range from being very simple to extremely complex!

Some minor repair work to frames can be undertaken during the course, but you will need to be mindful that sometimes this might need to be completed outside the classes. Major repairs are not possible, but there are many furniture restorers who will be able to help you.

I do not bring foam to the classes, apart from a thin ¼” thick one which is suitable as a wadding, but not as a stuffing. If your project is stuffed with foam please make sure that you let me know as soon as possible so that I can offer guidance about what type of foam and where to purchase it before you start.

Joining the classes

After your payment for the course I will send you an enrolment form and also check with you about your chosen project so that if anything needs to be sorted it can be done so before the start of term and answer any questions you may have. I will then look forward to welcoming you to the classes at Plaitford

What to bring with you

If possible bring a scrap of carpet big enough to stand your furniture piece on so that it does not slip on the table when you are working on it. Suggested tools as part of a starter kit include: a sharp pair if scissors a wooden mallet a tape measure an upholstery magnetic hammer a tack remover (if your project is tacked), or a staple remover (if your project is stapled) A notebook and pen, or a smartphone, can be useful to record your work.